We do more then just plastic.

We offer turnkey solutions for all your packaging needs.

About 360.

Based in Quebec, Canada, Plastic 360 is a manufacturer of injection molded products. The company focuses on the manufacture of food-grade containers and buckets. Apart from applications in the food industry, some of our products are strong enough to withstand industrial use.

We wield great experience in the manufacture of plastic products. Over the years, we have mastered the injection molding technique of plastic production. Our experience and knowledge enable us to provide surgical solutions to our clients.

Our team of experts work tirelessly to deliver only the best products.
We have forged strategic partnerships with over 25 internationally recognized players in the plastic industry. Spanning the United States, Canada, and Denmark, our partners help us deliver product efficiently and economically. Bonds like these give us the insight we need to produce market-ready goods.

Plastic 360 currently boasts 13 warehouses across the United States and Canada. All these warehouses facilitate the fast delivery products across both countries. Apart from the excellent infrastructure, we have a competitive team of Sales Executives. All these dedicated men and women serve in the front lines to concur market territories for Plastic 360.

All members of our sales force are groomed to understand our primary mission: To provide packaging solutions for the food and food service industries.

Our fully-automated factory floor helps us reduce manufacturing costs as well as reduce overhead, thus allowing us to compete effectively.

Our Mission.

At Plastic 360, we believe that packaging needs vary from client to client, and from market to market. Instead of providing the same solution to all our clients, we tailor our services to meet the goals of our clients. We have well-calculated strategies and well-researched steps that help us achieve this objective. We believe in the value of each brand, and we long to become part of your success.

We offer premium In-Mold Labeling and Dry offset printing techniques that help produce high definition quality labels. We also invest a lot of resources and time in our product development department. We take advantage of the latest technology to help us in our efforts. We employ 3D printers to actualize our prototypes before we clear them for mass production.
We have set for ourselves very high standards of ethics and performance. We wield vast knowledge and experience of different markets in different locations — our innovative efforts gear towards solving specific problems for specific demographics.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to create superior quality packaging products for our clients. State of the art manufacturing techniques and high-quality raw materials will help us achieve this objective.

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