Film Seal


Rectangle Film Seal Containers.

With its sleek style, the rectangle series offers five sizes designed to satisfy the requirements of the restaurant and food catering industry. In addition, the rectangle series also offers a film seal lid for food processors.

Standard or Film Seal.

The rectangle series offers one unique rim made to provide amazing results regardless of the lid.


The Slanted edges allow for easy and safe stacking which helps reduce in-store shelve space as well as reduced transportation.

Dry Offset Printing.

Looking to personalize your packaging experience? The rectangle series now offers dry offset printing. Stand out and leave a long-lasting impression .

Take-out & Catering.

For years the rectangle line has shown itself as a cost-effective, convenient solution for take-out and catering.

2 Lid Configurations.

Regardless of your packaging needs the rectangle series offers a recessed, leakproof, airtight lid or a film seal lid to guarantee product safety.


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Product Summary.

For our clients in the take out and catering industry, do we have a product for you? The Rectangular Film Seal container is a durable and food grade solution to the packaging, storage, and sale of edible products.


Made from polypropylene (PP), all the elements of this container (the lid and the rectangular container) are 100% recyclable.
The resins & polymers that form our raw materials have passed and exceeded the regulations and standards set by the FDA and the USDA.
Our Rectangular Film Seal line of containers is also, Free of BPA (Bisphenol A) thus earning the ultimate stamp of approval as a food grade container.

All elements of this product including the lids are 100% recyclable.

The Rectangle Film Seal line is dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe.

Available sizes.

16 OZ. | 500 ML617201891131

22 OZ. | 650 ML617201891148

26 OZ. | 750 ML617201891155

32 OZ. | 1000 ML617201891162

32 OZ. | 1000 ML617201891179

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