Heavy Duty Deli


Round Heavy Duty Deli Containers.

Available in 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 and 32 oz, our Round Heavy Duty Container line offers a highly resistant, reusable container ideal for take-out, catering, restaurants or storage.

Guaranteed leakproof due to its recessed lid and rim configuration, our Heavy Duty Deli series delivers “Heavy Duty” where other heavy duty containers fail to deliver.

Leakproof Rim Configuration.

Engineered with the take-out, catering and restaurant industry in mind. The leakproof rim configuration of our deli line combined with our airtight recessed lid makes the “360” HD deli line stand out from all its competitors.

Dry Offset Decoration.

Need your brand, logo or nutritional facts available on your container? Our dry offset printing solution is available.

100% Polypropylene.

All materials used in manufacturing this product meet and exceed FDA & USDA regulations, are BPA free and safe for food contact .

Thick & lightweight.

Guaranteed heavy duty, our deli series delivers results where other “Heavy Duty” containers don’t.

Recessed lid.

Avoid the cleanup of an unwanted mess with our leak resistant recessed lids.


See, touch and feel the quality of our products.

Product Summary.

The Round Heavy Duty Deli container is a high-performance plastic product. The container exhibits impressive heat retention properties and excellent strength.


Made from polypropylene (PP), both the lid and the container are 100% recyclable.

The resin & polymers that make the base of our raw materials have passed and gained the FDA and USDA’s ultimate stamp of approval. Safety is a significant pillar of our company

All Heavy Duty Deli containers have achieved food grade status by proving the lack of BPA (Bisphenol A).

The lids and the round containers of our Heavy Duty Deli products are safe for food contact.

All the members of the Round Heavy Duty Deli container line are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe.

Available sizes.

8 OZ. | 250 ML617201890929

12 OZ. | 375 ML617201890936

16 OZ. | 500 ML617201890943

20 OZ. | 625 ML617201890950

24 OZ. | 750 ML617201890967

32 OZ. | 1000 ML617201890974

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