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At Plastic 360, we use the injection molding technology to produce our high-performance plastic containers and buckets. Injection molding is a prime plastic production process that enables us to produce between 240-850 tonnes of identical products in a short amount of time. Thanks to our state of the art precision engineering and motivated staff, we can eliminate all errors that may occur within the production line. The result of our hard work and dedication is high-quality food grade plastics for a deserving client.


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The label is a crucial representation of a brand. A brand takes years to develop, and a beautiful image leaves a lasting impression. That is why we take great care in our labeling process. Our in-mold labeling technique enables us to inscribe high definition images and labels of your brand while the container is in the production process. This technique also makes the label quite durable and resistant to fading.


With years of experience as injection molders, we have mastered multiple manufacturing techniques and gained an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing process. We have also made a lot of friendships and strong partnerships within the industry. These relationships always prove beneficial to our clients. When looking for a specific product manufactured, Plastic 360 brings experience, manufacturing prowess, and an understanding of the market. With all these elements on the table, your business and brand are unstoppable.




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With a dedicated team of experts and specialists in packaging, we invest a lot of resources and time in research and product development. We ensure that all our products are equipped with the necessary elements to compete effectively. All our custom products are designed to meet the needs of the target business and its clients. Our factory line is equipped with state of the art tools that help us manufacture effectively.


Over the years, we have experienced tremendous growth in the popularity and demand for our products. Due to this demand, we have established a multi-channel distribution system that aims at the reduction of transportation costs. Adequate transportation, warehousing, and delivery system are nothing but a small step towards our goals. Currently, we boast of owning nine warehouses throughout the United States and Canada. We have also established strong partnerships with 26 established distributors to help us with our cause.


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